A hot spring and point of reference in central Esmeralda County, 14 miles north of Goldfield.

The name "Alkali" relates little more than a point of reference on the map of Esmeralda County. Alkali refers to a series of hot springs just west of US 95. In the past, a way station and primitive resort used to exist here in the late 1890s, but nothing remains today except for the pair of nice shade trees. The hot water at Alkali emerges from the side of a nearby mountain and becomes trapped in two separate pools of varying temperatures. A small concrete deck has been constructed at the pools which makes access in and out of the pools easier. One of the springs has been diverted into a makeshift tub.


At present, a set of ruins, a few clotheslines, and a portable toilet are primitive facilities at Alkali. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has even signed "Alkali" from US 95 highway to guide travelers 5 miles onto an unpaved county road, maintained by Esmeralda County. From US 95, the road continues west into the desert to Alkali Hot Springs and continues on for 23 miles west to the town of Silver Peak. Locals and avid "soakers" utilize this road as a shortcut between Silver Peak and Goldfield and Alkali acts as a waypoint and nice respite from the desert in between.

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