Elevation: 8,378

Angel Lake is a 13-acre glacial tarn located at the base of a steep cirque, surrounded by high cliffs on the northeast slopes of the East Humboldt Range. Geographically, Greys Peak (10,674') rises high to the west and to the south resides a group of pinnacles known as "Chimney Rock." Far below and to the east lies Clover Valley and the community of Wells.

Angel is most known as one of the most popular recreation sites in the area, with a 26-site campground, an 11-site picnic area, popular with fishing, non-motorized rafts, and a paved trailhead that provides access for various routes into the East Humboldt Wilderness.

How to Get HereEdit

This is the highest lake in Nevada accessible by vehicle. Find it at the end of the Angel Lake Scenic Byway (SR 231) out of in Elko County.

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