Arden is one of eight suburbs manifested from metropolitan Las Vegas, this one located 7 miles southwest of the Strip. Of the many Las Vegas suburbs, Arden experiences the most growth, well demonstrated by a rapid fluctuation of housing and road construction from year to year. The land belonging to Arden was formerly owned by the Bureau of Land Management until the city of Las Vegas purchased the land sometime in 1982.

Although designated as its own succinct "city," most Vegas locals think of Arden as part of "Blue Diamond," a rapidly growing area in the southwestern Las Vegas Valley. In fact, the Blue Diamond Highway, SR 160, bisects the community on its way to Blue Diamond ... and everybody is rightly familiar down here with the ongoing construction of the Blue Diamond Highway. This area is continuously growing because of its ideal proximity to both the Strip and the outlying western "wilderness" of Blue Diamond and Red Rock Canyon.


Founded: 1982

Zip Code: 89118

Population: 9,126 (2010)

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