Arthur refers to a ranch along the Secret Pass Road, SR 229. Not much is known about this community. About fifty people lived in Pole Canyon in 1881 before a post office opened on April 21 of that year. There are two theories that might explain the origin of the town's name!

One theory is that the post office was named for Chester A. Arthur, president of the United States at the time. Another account recalls that the town was named after the first postmaster, Arthur Gedne in 1881. We know for sure that ranching was always the main economic activity in Arthur and most of the ranches today are those that have remained in the same family for generations. Today, a number of ranches continue to operate in and around Arthur and many of its 19th-century buildings are still in use.

How To Get HereEdit

To find Arthur, head east out of Elko to Exit 321, the Secret Pass Highway (SR 229) to "Ruby Valley." Head south for 20 miles. Arthur is located just south of Secret Pass at the first ranch on your right. Please respect all private property.


Founded: April 1881

Zip Code: N/A

Population: 20 (estimated, consisting of area ranches)

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