Elevation: 5,354

Pronounced "Bar-CLEE. A remote ranch and former Mormon settlement, 25 miles southeast of Caliente in Lincoln County.

The town of Barclay is listed on several ghost town websites even though a handful of people still reside here on neighboring ranches. From whichever direction you approach it, Barclay is quite far from most major population centers. At present, a total of other six ranches are located in Clover Valley and "Barclay" itself consists of an old Mormon cemetery, an abandoned Post Office building, the original fully-restored one-room schoolhouse-church and the original Barclay Ranch, first settled in 1898. One of these ranches is owned by the National Mustang Association that serves as a sanctuary for wild horses.

How To Get HereEdit

Accessible from the semi-improved unpaved Beaver Dam Road. Head east for 18 miles to an unmarked road sometimes signed as "Hafen Way." The "town" of Barclay is two miles south of this junction.


Founded: March 1898

Population: 18 (est.)

Zip Code: N/A