A very shallow, 77-acre impoundment reservoir in the Steptoe Valley, 4 miles west of McGill. Bassett Lake was constructed in 1942 by the Kennecott Copper Corporation to serve as a final settling pond for copper mill tailings. The lake's primary source of water comes from Tailings Creek, a spring-fed stream that begins just west of McGill. In recent years, changing local water managements have resulted in lower than normal water levels in both the creek and reservoir.

Bassett Lake is a unique fishery in Nevada as it represents one of only two waters in the state that sports a healthy population of Northern Pike, a toothy, predatory species of fish that is otherwise unwanted in the state. Along with the pike, Bassett is home to a steady population of Largemouth Bass and an abundance of Carp. Its shallow depth, prohibited camping, and difficult access (even for watercraft) has made it somewhat of a "write-off" by area locals.