Elevation: 4,616

A ghost town site in central Esmeralda County, 2 miles north of Silver Peak.

Blair was a product of massive mining fever specifically started by the boom at Tonopah, one that had reached out in all directions across central Nevada. The town grew up alongside its sister town, Silver Peak, the more prominent of the two towns. Land spectators bought up the land in Blair around 1905 and raised the prices high enough that the 100-stamp mill (originally planned at Silver Peak) was built to become the hub of Blair. Later, the Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Company built the 17.5-mile Silver Peak Railroad (S&P) that ran north in 1906 and opened the giant mill (Nevada's largest in its day) in 1907. Blair lasted only a few years before interest in the area waned at the fall of silver prices. By 1920, the town was all but deserted.

Today, only scant ruins and foundations remain in a very remote and inhospitable area of Nevada. Access from SR 265, 1 hour from Tonopah and 2 hours from Hawthorne.