Blue Lakes is a series of three high-elevation lakes in the Pine Forest Range of northern Humboldt County. Blue Lakes were formed by glaciation, a process that left behind a large cirque which was then filled by springs from the surrounding hillside. The steep topography surrounding the lakes averages a slope of sixty percent, making them accessible only by a 1-mile hike and rough four-wheel-drive roads that are blocked until about late June.

Blue Lakes are set at 8,300 feet in their own Wilderness Study Area overlooking three desert valleys. The lakes are best known for their stunning scenery, a series of beautiful broad meadows and aspen groves that completely surround the lower two lakes. Cold clear water brought in from Blue Creek provides excellent habitat for a self-sustaining population of wild Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout -- a favorite destination of great fly fishing lakes in Nevada.

How To Get HereEdit

Find Blue Lakes from the unpaved Soldier Meadows Road from SR 140. Four-wheel-drive is required to reach the lakes' trailhead from the unimproved Blue Lakes Road.