A collection of several hot springs in extreme northern Humboldt County, 2 miles south of the Oregon state line.

The hot water of Bog Hot emerges out of the ground at around 122 degrees F and flows east into a man made ditch. This ditch allows the water to significantly cool to around 105 degrees F. Several dams have been built to form a series of comfortable soaking ponds, all of which are sand bottomed and sand sided for comfort. The temperature of the water in the ponds then varies depending on ambient air conditions with the average ranging anywhere from 75 - 92 degrees F. Despite its extremely remote location, Bog Hot Springs has become increasingly well known by hot spring enthusiasts in both northern Nevada and southern Oregon.

How To Get HereEdit

Easy access from SR 140, 2 miles south of the Oregon state line. From Denio Junction, head west in the direction of "Lakeview, Adel" until you reach the hot springs.

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